03/10/2014 08:34 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Emma Bunton On Frozen, Loom Bands And Future Baby Plans

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Emma Bunton is tired.

The former Spice Girl is used to early starts, as she has to get up at five o'clock every day for her breakfast radio show.

But this morning she was up even earlier than normal, as her three-year-old son Tate decided that 3am was a perfectly reasonable time to demand a story.

"I have to tell him Peppa Pig's still in bed so he can't have a story yet!" says Emma, 38.

As well as her daily radio show, Emma has also recently popped over to Mexico to assist Mel B at the judges' house stage of the X Factor and has travelled to Madagascar to see how the Pampers and UNICEF one pack one vaccine campaign is helping to eliminate maternal and newborn tetanus in developing countries.

Yet, despite her busy schedule Emma tries to ensure that most nights she's home in time for tea with her fiancé Jade Jones from Damage and their two sons, Tate and his big brother, seven-year-old Beau.

"It is quite hard to get the balance right," Emma admits. "I try and work things around the boys and make sure I'm at least home for teatime - and most days I'm home before that.

"With the radio show I'm up very early, so Jade takes the boys to school and I get home in time to pick them up from nursery and school.


It is true that it's a bit of a juggling act, I think any working mum feels the same. But I'm happy that my boys are growing up knowing about a good work ethic. They watch me go to work, just like I watched my mum and dad going to work and I think that is important.


Beau has just started his third year at school, which Emma says is 'a bit scary and grown up,' and Tate is enjoying going to nursery.

"I take him in and he just goes off!" says Emma. "Even though he's a real mummy's boy, he loves it. He's very sociable and he really enjoys spending time with other children.

"It's all happening a bit fast for my liking really, but they have been a dream," she adds. "They're good boys. Of course we have our moments - getting Beau to sit down and do his homework is like pulling teeth sometimes - but overall they're very good."

Like their mum?

"I like to think I tried my hardest at school but it does say on my reports that I was a little bit talkative. 'Less chat would work better for Emma.'"

Emma says that as her boys are growing up she's enjoying watching them begin to develop different interests.

"I think the little one might follow in Jade and my footsteps," she says. "He's quite musical and likes to play with his little Frozen piano.

"Beau's definitely more sporty. But who knows what they'll grow up to be? I don't think you can tell at this age. Everybody changes don't they?"

So are the boys big Frozen fans?


Tate loves Frozen! Beau's like 'Oh not this again!' But he's outnumbered, Jade and I love it as well. We sing along in the car.


And Frozen's not the only craze that's popular in the Bunton-Jones household. Emma's not averse to making a loom band bracelet or two.

"We're very into loom bands in our house. I've actually had to learn how to make them now too.

"It's very good for concentration, I find. Rather than the boys jumping onto the next thing, making loom bands keeps them busy sitting and focusing on one thing for ages, which is good."

Thinking about how grown up her boys are becoming leads Emma to reminisce about her pregnancies.

"I did enjoy being pregnant," she says. "I craved apples with my first and with the second I craved cakes which wasn't as healthy!

"I sometimes feel bad admitting to my friends that I had quite nice pregnancies, because I know pregnancy is very different for every woman.

"I did have terrible nausea at the beginning and the last few weeks were hard, but you always look back on the positives and forget the bad bits, don't you? Why else would you have more children after going through that pain?!"

So are more children on the agenda?

"For the moment, we'll be sticking at two."

For the moment?

"It's not a no, but it's also not a total yes," Emma teases. "My youngest is still such a baby to me, so there's no rush."


I'm quite happy with two, but Jade sees himself with a big family. He may be planning for a whole football team! He knows that's not going to happen, but I'm sure that he would like to have one more.


Emma's being equally coy about her wedding plans. She and Jade began dating in 1997 and she announced they were engaged in 2011, but three years later, Emma insists they are no closer to walking down the aisle.

"No, no plans. Someone just asked me 'When's the big day?' Like we've been making plans. I was like 'What? No!' Honestly, we've not made any plans yet."

At the moment Emma's too busy working with Pampers and Unicef to be flicking through wedding mags. She recently visited Madagascar for three days to see how their vaccination campaign is getting on.

"It was incredible," she says. "This is my second year of being involved in the campaign and getting to see for myself how everything works - the process of the vaccinations for maternal and newborn tetanus, and meeting some of the new mothers who have been given the vaccinations. It's fantastic.

"I met a wonderful mother called Florette who was literally about to give birth when I met her. She'd walked for hours to get to the health clinic so she could get her vaccinations, even though it was miles away from her home.

"The fact she did all that so she could to give her child a great start to life was completely humbling. These are things that we take for granted; things that are easier for us.

"As a mum you can understand that desire to do all you can for your children, because as soon as you have children your priorities change and your only wish in life is for your child to be healthy.

"The struggles that these mums go through to protect themselves and their babies... it is amazing.

"I'm so glad that I can support this campaign, as it's so easy for people to get involved. Every mother or father out there who picks up a packet of pampers wipes, they're helping towards eliminating maternal and newborn tetanus."

Emma Bunton travelled to Madagascar with Pampers and UNICEF for the launch of the ninth one pack one vaccine campaign. For every specially marked pack of Pampers bought, Pampers will donate the cost of one vaccine to help UNICEF in the fight against Maternal and Newborn Tetanus (MNT).Visit the Pampers Facebook page to find out more.