03/10/2014 11:55 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Peter Andre Dreams Of Being A Stay-At-Home-Dad


Peter Andre is planning to become a stay-at-home-dad so he can spend more time with his children.

The singer revealed he's so busy that he finds it 'pretty tough' to squeeze in time with his fiancée Emily MacDonagh, their seven-month-old baby Amelia, and his children with Katie Price - Junior, nine, and Princess, seven.

And while right now the family have no choice but to seize opportunities for togetherness when they arise, Pete is thinking about taking on a more domestic role in the future.

Speaking to Mail Online, he said: "I'm a very hands-on dad. I love that part of my life. So I might look at being a stay-at-home dad at some point.

"I'm 41 at the moment - but I'm a very young 41. So if at 50 I decide to be a stay-at-home dad, it'll be fine because I'll be a a young 50-year-old."

Right now, though, Emily and Amelia have temporarily moved out of the couple's £2 million home in East Grinstead and relocated to her parents' house in Somerset while she completes her medical degree at Bristol University.

He said: "There was no way that Ems wasn't going to take Amelia with her and I understand that.

"So on days when I'm not looking after Princess and Junior, I get in the car and head straight to Emily's parents' house to be with her and Amelia.

"The most important thing in life is family. So even if it means I have to be up for 20 hours, I'll stay up.

"It's really hard on all of us but we just have to keep reminding ourselves that Ems is doing this for our future. In a few months' time, she's going to have a few letters after her name and we'll all so proud of her."

Pete added: "She is going to be a doctor for sure so I guess we'll just have to work things out.

"For the meantime though, we're just having to manage our hours the best we can.

"I look after Amelia when I can in the mornings so Ems can sleep and get ready for university, and she'll look after her in the evenings when I'm on tour."

Pete is currently on his Big Night tour - his first in two years – and on top of that he's found the time to release a new perfume for women called Scarlet.

He said: "I think I'll be giving a bottle to Emily as she deserves it. Not for Christmas or her birthday though as that might be a little cheeky."