Kelly Brook's Nude Photos Leak: Model's Naked Selfie Circulated Online In Latest Celebrity Hacking Scandal

Kelly's Naked Photos Surface Online

Kelly Brook has become the latest celebrity to have her private nude images posted online.

A naked selfie, apparently showing the British TV personality nude while lying on a bed, has been posted on various social media websites, as well as a number of other shots which reportedly see Kelly in varying stages of undress.

Kelly Brook

The news of Kelly’s leaked photos follows a mass celebrity hack which has so far seen naked images of stars including Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian posted on file-sharing sites like 4Chan.

When the ‘Hunger Games’ actress’s nude pictures were first circulated, they were accompanied by a list of over 100 celebrities thought to have also had their private photos assessed, which included Kelly’s name.

However, at the time, she denied that such photos existed, tweeting: “The only nude photos you'll ever see of me are the ones that I "leak" and the ones that my head are superimposed on!”

Earlier this week, the hacking scandal had its first ever male victim, when Hulk Hogan’s son Nick had a number of his personal photos leaked online, though he was insistent that some of them - including photos of his mum in a thong - were not taken from his iCloud account.

This latest wave of leaked photos comes following last week’s news that Marty Singer, a lawyer who represents a number of the victims, was reportedly planning to sue Google, claiming that the Internet giants had “made millions from the victimisation of women” and not done enough to prevent the stolen photos from being accessed.

It's been a difficult few weeks for Kelly, who announced at the tail-end of last month that she and her fiancé David McIntosh had decided to split up and go their separate ways.

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