08/10/2014 07:03 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Great British Bake Off Is Back - Hurrah!

Great British Bake Off is back. Butter your ramekins, grease your tins and prepare for Paul Hollywood's blue steel plus Mary Berry's fresh ventures in pastel-based fashion.

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And while this year's line-up reads like a who's who of the ghosts of Bake Offs past, it will also see the arrival of the show's youngest ever contestant - 17-year-old Martha from Berkshire.

She may still be in school but, as she declared, her "head is always in the kitchen."

Martha joins a former Merchant Navy man, a barefoot runner and a part-time beekeeper in the BBC's kitchen, with the first show hitting smalls screens on Wednesday 6 August.

So here's the lowdown on the contestants...

Chetna, 35: A former fashion designer born in India with a penchant for using Asian flavours in her bread and buns.

Nancy, 60: A retired practice manager who previously dabbled in dog training. She rears turkeys, guinea fowl, grows her own veg and we already want her to be our second mum.

Norman, 66: An ex member of the Merchant Navy. And while he may be Scottish his baking is inspired by French patisserie. Yum.

Richard, 38: The only thing you need to know about this builder from North London is that he made his own wedding cake... And that is was in the shape of a Star Wars battle ship.

Diana, 69: The oldest ever Bake Off contestant, she joined the Women's Institute at just 12-years-old and seemingly never looked back.

Enwezor, 39: The Portsmouth-born consultant spent eight months walking around with no shoes on to prepare for the Great South Run, which he completed barefoot.

Martha, 17: With hopes of becoming a food scientist, the youngest ever Bake Off contestant says: "I may be in school but my head is always in the kitchen."

Luis, 42: He's a beekeeper who plays the ukulele and boasts a tequila slammer cheese cake as his signature dish.

Jordan, 32: This year's self-proclaimed "nerdy baker" reckons making cakes is just like computing.

Kate, 41: An aspiring actress who became an upholsterer instead is a total baking renegade AKA she never measures anything.

Iain, 31: Organic food lover and veggie enthusiast, this engineer has travelled the world to find inspiration for his recipes.

Claire, 31: This speech therapist from Cheshire has been baking since she was 11. She's a member of a slimming club but often takes cakes to meetings.

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