What's YOUR Favourite Break-Up Song? 23% Of Women In This Poll Have Chosen The Same One...

What's YOUR Favourite Break-Up Song?

We all know the feeling.

The phone's just rung (or not rung), the gingham shirt's been collected from the wardrobe, the word 'Goodbye' has been said.

On such occasions, there's only one thing to be done, and it involves some sounds. Some solitary, solace-bringing sounds, more accurately. Some pulsating, life-brimming, break-up anthems to be precise.

Miley's tears made her millions with 'Wrecking Ball'

But which song is the best soundtrack for such a time? Well, a survey by gaming site mobileslots.com asked a group of women to name the song they felt would be most help to get over a painful break-up.

And a surprising 23% opted for the same one. Can you guess it? And is it yours? Let us know if your favourite hasn't made the cut in our top ten below...

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