‘Emmerdale' Spoiler: Declan's Back! Charity's Husband Takes A Hostage (PICS)

Uh-oh... Declan's Back!

The ‘Emmerdale’ villagers are in for a shock on Friday night (10 October) when they discover that Declan isn’t dead after all.

In the closing moments of Wednesday night’s show, viewers discovered that Declan wasn’t dead, and now it’s time for everyone else to find out.

He's back!

On Friday, we'll see Declan arrive in typically dramatic scenes, as he holds a gun to Megan’s head, insisting nobody will get hurt - as long as he can reveal the truth about Charity.

Since discovering that Charity had a secret abortion, Declan has been on the warpath and his previous plot to murder her was foiled at the last minute.

With Robbie now dead - how is Declan going to face the village?

Zac and Sam look on in horror

Next week, a mystery character is set to hold Charity hostage but viewers will left guessing as to whether this is Declan, carrying out revenge.

Other possible suspects will include her ex Jai, and Megan, who has never exactly got on well with the controversial Dingle.

While Declan clearly isn't dead yet, actor Jason Merrells has confirmed that he'll be leaving the soap, so watch this space...

Watch ‘Emmerdale’ on Friday 10 October to see Declan’s shock return.

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