'NeckSet' Is A Third Arm You Wear To Hold Your Phone In Front Of Your Face


If there's one thing the world needs, it's a way stare at our mobile phones more often.

The solution? This weird-looking neck-brace thing which holds your phone up for you.

The 'Neckset' has just hit the crowd source funding website IndieGoGo, and its designers are seeking $50,000 to make the hands-free mobile a reality, without all that messing about with Bluetooth, glasses and headsets.

"Neckset works as a third arm. It does not tier and it will hold your phone at the required distance and position.

You can browse the internet, watch movies and have video calls with comfort. Neckset adds a new dimension to movie watching. No one else has offered a product like this that can provide us with a comfortable long term solution for viewing films on your smart phone."

Convinced? Not terrified or disturbed? Then head over to IndieGoGo to snag your Neckset before the rest of the world.

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