09/10/2014 13:41 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

The Thigh-Gap Ideal Is Ridiculous: This Video Proves It

Oh that thigh-gap ideal. You know the one, it's all over Instagram (along with hotdog legs and belfies aka butt selfies) and gives a completely unrealistic portrayal of what real women's bodies look like.


For some reason, having a notable thigh-gap is on trend right now.

So kudos to the all-women comedy group JustBoobs Sketch who are out to prove just how ridiculous thigh-gaps are.

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Watch this video to see the latest jeans available at "Thigh Gap" - they come complete with a small wooden stick which you jam in between your upper thighs for that all-important 1/2/3 inch gap.

This parody addresses the thigh-gap as an "unattainable body myth" that women are obsessing over by highlighting how crazy it is: "The scars are a constant reminder of the sins of my womanly figure!"

It's refreshing and funny, but it also reiterates the question: why are women going to extreme lengths to deny their natural, healthy body shape?

Yes media, marketing and social expectations are all strands that affect the way we see ourselves but the video's slogan - "Thigh gap: because you aren't good enough" - is a really depressing touch on the female psyche.

Let's just put it out there - a gap in between your thighs is not a standard of beauty or self worth #EndThighGap.

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