11 Unusual Cocktail Recipes (Featuring Kale, Seaweed And Chicken Stock)

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To celebrate London Cocktail Week we wanted to bring you some weird and wonderful cocktails to try. *clinks glass*

From kale to smoking pipe bitters, brace yourself for a selection of recipes pushing the boundaries of cocktail creation.

Bottom's up!

Jugged Peas

11 Unusual Cocktail Ingredients

Want to try making your own cocktail creations at home? Master bartender Adi Astley from TGI Friday's offers his tips for whipping up an impressive array of beverages:

:: Beware of adding extra booze. Drinks are designed for consistent taste, so adding extra alcohol can change the drink for the worse and upset the balance of ingredients.

:: Keep it fresh. Always try using fresh ingredients when considering fruits and juices – the fresher the better.

:: Ice ice baby. A drink is best served well-iced. The less ice, the quicker it will dilute and water the drink down.

:: A sprig of this and a squeeze of that. Garnish can help with the presentation and complement the drink. It can also add aroma and add to the drinkability of the cocktail i.e. adding a mint sprig to a mojito creates the smell of fresh mint which can tantalise the taste buds.

:: Choose the right shape. The shape of the glass should always be matched to the drink i.e. if it’s a straight up cocktail then a martini glass or pulpit should be used or for a long drink use a decent tumbler so you can ice it well.

:: You’re sweet enough. Try to balance flavours, like sweet with sour. This glues different flavours together and makes sure to not overpower the drink.

:: Easy does it. When using bitters, remember to only use a dash or two as it affects flavour drastically.

:: Shake it (but don’t break it). When mixing a cocktail, don’t smash the ingredients to bits - simply press them together to release the flavours. There’s nothing worse than a mojito ripped to pieces and ending up with tiny mint leaves in your teeth… not great on a first date!

:: Be brave. Be daring with flavours and challenge the norm. Bourbon and pickle juice go really well together – believe it or not!

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