Russell Brand Blasts BBC For 'Validating Ukip's Ideas' During Coverage Of Clacton By-Election

Russell Brand has slammed the BBC for “validating the ridiculous ideas” of Ukip, and “collaborating” in building a narrative in which Britain’s most vulnerable are scapegoated.

In the latest episode of the Trews, Brand’s YouTube news review show, the comedian and activist lambasted the Beeb’s coverage of Friday morning’s Clacton by-election in which Tory defector Douglas Carswell became Ukip’s first elected MP.

“They [the BBC] never once mention in their coverage… this constant focus on the vulnerable, on immigrants, there’s an historical precedent for that around the worst right-wing movements in history – all of which supported the financial elite and never truly represented people,” said Brand.

Joined on the sofa by Essex rapper Scroobius Pip, the pair ridiculed the BBC’s revelation that Ukip’s rise meant that “four parties would contest the next election”, highlighting that none of the parties offer a genuine alternative.

“They are four parties all run by millionaire bankers and public schoolboys,” said Pip, adding that the BBC’s concern over more Tory defections shows how “small and minute” the difference between the parties is.

A Tory defecting to Ukip is “about as significant as them swapping hats,” said Brand. Pip added that Ukip believe in everything the Tories do, but they are a “little less closeted in their racism".

Watch the full episode above.

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