10/10/2014 10:15 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

WIN A Fisher-Price Octonauts Toy Bundle!



Enter our free competition for your chance to win one of eight Octonauts toy bundles from Fisher-Price.

The brand new Gup-S is the biggest of all the Gups and the ultimate to undertake Arctic missions!

Press the Octo-Alert button to activate exciting lights and sound, then release the Octo-Sled Vehicle to reach your destination even faster.

Push along the Gup and use the drill to help you get through icy boulders, or remove the drill and replace with the other tools from the playset to complete your mission and save the sea creatures in danger.

Open the domed hatch and your Octonauts character can enter your very own research centre - complete with stairs and fold out bed.

Once the rescued sea creatures are ready to be placed back into the water, use the two utility arms to place them in the tank or to help you gather arctic objects on your exploration!

And for even more fun, press down on the water tank to activate fun phrases and turn on the lights when you're in dark places.

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Eight lucky winners will each receive an Octonauts Gup-S (worth £35, suitable from three years) and an Octonauts character pack (worth £6.50, suitable from three years).

For your chance to win enter your details below before 10am on Friday October 10.

Good luck!