13/10/2014 12:54 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Asda Unveils Maternity Jeans That Grow With Your Baby Bump


Expectant mums – your search for a flexible pair of jeans is over! For a new elastic brand has been specifically designed to GROW as your baby bump grows.

Asda's George says the technology in its new maternity wear means you'll now be able to wear the same pair of jeans throughout your pregnancy – saving many mums-to-be hundreds of pounds.

According to a company survey, more than 40 per cent of mothers said they gained between one and two stones over the course of their pregnancy.

And half said they spent up to £200 on a new wardrobe to fit their changing shape across the 40 weeks of their pregnancy.

The technology uses a compact weave fabric with high elastane content allowing the same pair of jeans to fit perfectly even if women change up to three dress sizes throughout pregnancy.

The fabric ensures the jeans keep their shape, springing back to the smallest size once washed.

Instead of a traditional fly and waistband, the maternity style features a jersey overband that will stretch to the size of the baby bump.

Helen Low, design director of George, said: "Mums-to-be deserve to look stylish and fabulous throughout their special time.

"To bring this innovative technology into our brand new maternity offering is a great way to offer a stylish solution to expectant mums - no matter how much your body shape changes and your baby bump grows."