Drone VS Hawk

This is the incredible moment that nature decided to hit back and the influx of remote controlled aircraft that have started to fill the skies.

Christopher Schmidt was out flying his drone in Magazine Beach Park, Cambridge, Massachusetts when suddenly a young red-tailed hawk decided that enough was enough and gave the drone a piece of its mind.

Schmidt, having seen the bird begin its attack immediately throttled down the props so as to reduce any risk of hurting the bird.

The astonishing attack was then captured by Christopher's GoPro Hero 3 Black and both it and the drone remained unscathed from the attack despite the hawk successfully knocking it straight out of the sky.

There's a particularly happy ending to this story though as Schmidt has promised that any funds raised through ads on the video will be donated to the Massachusetts Audubon Society which is working to restore and preserve natural ecosystems in the area.

It might not know it, but that hawk helped keep his natural habitat intact for a little while longer.