13/10/2014 10:41 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

The Dad And Baby Photo That Went Spectacularly Wrong

Kirsty grant photography
Kirsty Grant Photography

A dad's sweet idea to get a professional photographer to snap some pictures of him with his newborn son took an unexpected turn that was very, very messy.

Those not blessed with a strong stomach may want to turn back now...

Al Ferguson, writer behind fatherhood blog The Dad Network, thought it would be a nice idea to commemorate baby Ted's birth with a glamorous black and white photo.

But the first-time dad was soon to get a stark reminder of the reality behind arty parent-baby portraits.

The first photo in the series is an adorable snap of Ted posed carefully over Al's arm, sleeping peacefully. But his cherubic exterior soon proves to be deceptive, as the second photo shows...

Kirsty Grant photography

Yep, wouldn't you just know it? Unaware of his stylish settings, Ted releases a jet of baby poo all over his miffed dad's arm (and beyond).

Al described the moment of horrifying realisation immediately before the photo shoot dramatically went south:

"All of a sudden I felt his tiny tummy tense up... I knew immediately that this was only going to end in one way... and it did."

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The icing on the cake is the sly smile on Ted's face, as if he knows that his sudden urge to relieve himself isn't exactly picture-perfect.

By a stroke of luck, photographer Kirsty Grant's lens captured the whole unfolding horror in incongruously classy black and white. Since Al shared it to his blog with the title 'The best newborn photo ever', the surreal and painfully funny photo has gone viral.


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