14/10/2014 12:29 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

David Beckham Reveals: 'Victoria And I Are Very Strict Parents'


David Beckham has revealed that he and wife Victoria Beckham are 'strict parents' who take great pride in being 'hard working' role models for their children.

In an interview with the Telegraph to launch Haig Club whisky, the former footballer, model, house dad and all-round great guy, said his kids Harper Seven, Cruz, Romeo and Brooklyn were 'my motivation' and that, despite their privileged lives he was determined that they would live normal lives.

David, 39, said of himself and fashion designer wife Victoria, 40: "We have always led by example, in terms of the way we treat our children, with the way we look after our children, the way we love our children.

"But we are very strict parents. We want to bring them up as closely as possible to how we were brought up, because you have to give them manners, you have to give them boundaries and our children definitely have that."

He added: "Their upbringing is a lot different to my upbringing so I think there is always a kind of fear factor... I mean, the first day that you have kids, you constantly worry.

"It's the most beautiful thing in the world but you are bringing children into a world where you have to really protect them.

"They are very privileged and they have a lovely life, and I want to protect that and to protect them from anything that goes on outside the family."

He said he wanted to prove to his children that 'if you work hard you can be successful'.

He said: I have always been a hard worker and Victoria is exactly the same.

"At the end of my career it would have been easy for me to say, 'do you know what, I don't have to work again, I am going to sit back and enjoy being at home every day' but, like I said, I have always worked hard in whatever I have done and it's always to set that example for my children.

"They still see me going out in the morning to the office. I pick them up at night, I take them to their games and their training and I have full involvement in their lives every day - but they still see me working hard and I think that's important."

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