Red Dog Saloon Hot Ribs Challenge Is One Of 'A Million Ways To Die In The West'

Death By Hot Ribs Is A Thing. Almost.

We've been here before. I can still remember the heat, the fear, and the inescapable feeling I was about to have a stroke.

And for some reason I am back at the Red Dog Saloon, home of possibly the spiciest chicken wings in London and now gunning for the same title in the culinary world of pork ribs.

To celebrate the release of 'A mIllion Ways To Die In The West' on DVD they've decided to pile three MASSIVE specimens on a board, cover with their trademark sauce and make you eat them as quickly as you can, all the while cursing the fact you have a mouth.

You can see how we got on in the video above. Highlights include a stunned chilli silence, the longest bogey in the world and some valiant colleague to colleague nose wiping.


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