14/10/2014 09:38 BST | Updated 14/10/2014 15:58 BST

#SexWithCars Trending After A 'This Morning' Guest Explains How He's Found True Love... With A VW Beetle

A gentleman with a rather unusual predilection made his way onto the 'This Morning' run-down today.

Viewers were introduced to Edward Smith, now 63, who has slept with 700 lovers since he was 14. Quite impressive, until you check the small print... it turns out only one has been another person, the rest have all been cars.

Edward with his long-term love, a Volkswagen Beetle

There is a word for this kind of attraction - mechaphilia, to describe someone sexually attracted to machines.

Suffice to say Phil couldn't quite get his head around it.

And it turns out Edward isn't picky. He hasn't got a type. In that time, he's 'bedded' Mustangs, Jaguars.

Oh and did we mention the helicopter?

TV viewers saw Edward with his long-time love, a Volkswagen Beetle.

It quickly became a hot topic across the UK.

Then the puns started.


And apparently people can get even weirder...

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'Vroom vroom', surely?

But some took it in their stride.