15/10/2014 11:13 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

7 Obvious Signs He's About To Propose

You've been together years, you're living together and you've already got some kind of shared pet (goldfish, bulldog, house rabbit.) So, a proposal wouldn't be out of the question.

According TheDiamondStore's poll, which asked 150 female customers to reveal all the details on their own proposals, there are seven big giveaways that reveal he's about to get down on one knee.


Are you about to become a bride-to-be? Here's how to know for sure...

1. He's penny pinching
Obviously, he's about to blow some serious monies on a honking bit of bling (hopefully).

2. He books a weekend in Venice
Doh - he's asking you while floating along in a gondola along the Grand Canal. Or he's sussing out potential wedding and/or honeymoon venues? Impressive.

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3. He's having lunch with your sister/mum
Come on, he's a guy - he'll need to get the nod from your people to make sure the ring is worthy of an "I do".

4. His revealing Google search history
Busted. And he was doing so well.

5. He's interested in all things "diamond"
If he's dropping the D word out of no-where then you're one lucky lady because this means:
A.) You've definitely got one coming
B.) It's bloody big visible to the naked eye

6. He asks you to get a manicure
No brainer.

7. He's down on one knee...
We hear wedding bells! Cue him whipping out a little box and looking up at you with hungry eyes.

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