15/10/2014 16:12 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Chris Hoy Talks About Becoming A Dad And Baby Name Angst


Sir Chris Hoy may be Britain's greatest Olympian, but he's currently gearing up for his biggest and most exciting challenge: fatherhood.

Sarra gave birth to a baby boy 11 weeks early on October 16

Chris and his wife Sarra are expecting their first baby in December. So, how's he feeling?

"We are very excited but remarkably calm," says Chris, 38. "Sarra is doing really well. She is due on December 27, so we're having a Christmas baby. At the moment we're just concentrating on getting everything ready (which we can vouch for – Chris lets the builders into his house mid chat), reading the books, getting his or her room ready."

Any names in mind?

"It's a minefield and so hard! Every name we find we either know someone called that or associate it with someone. There's so much to think about - will they like it, will it end up rhyming with something awful in the playground.

He adds:


He or she can't have a name beginning with A as then they will be 'A-Hoy!


With baby Hoy due in December, and Chris recently retired, the timing for his or her arrival couldn't have been better, as Chris can be as hands on as possible, without distractions. "We both wanted children, but I was aware about it being the right time.

Highland Spring

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