Michael McIntyre Storms Off Stage During Sold-Out Gig After Spotting 'Idiot' Woman In Front Row Using Her Mobile Phone

Michael McIntyre shamed an audience member at one of his recent gigs when he stormed off stage after spotting a woman sat in the front row using her mobile phone.

The comedian was appearing in front of a sell-out audience at Darlington's Civic Theatre on Monday evening when he made an abrupt exit from the stage, telling security to 'sort it out' as he went.

Michael McIntyre

Many fans began chanting for the woman to be removed from the venue but after agreeing to put her mobile phone away, she remained in her seat.

The comic returned to the stage a few minutes later to complete his set, which the unidentified woman watched until the end.

We bet that was a long walk out of the venue.

Many fans took to twitter following the show to voice their support for the comedian and take the opportunity to let the 'idiot' audience member in question know what they thought of her antics.

Although, not everyone was quite so sympathetic towards Michael…

Maybe Michael should try a different approach next time, like these fellow comedians...

Louis CK

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