15/10/2014 07:24 BST | Updated 25/11/2014 05:59 GMT

Paralysed Man Creates Stunning Paintings Using Only His Mouth

Before his car accident in July 1995, Keith Jansz, was an avid sailor and windsurfer.

But after the accident left him paralysed from the shoulders down, Jansz found joy in a somewhat different hobby.

In his early stages of recovery, Jansz, from Finmere, Oxfordshire, discovered a love of art, after drawing comfort from the biographies of disabled artists.

Now almost 20 years on, the 53-year-old has become an accomplished artist - he creates beautiful paintings by holding a paintbrush between his teeth.

As a member of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA), Jansz's pictures have been featured in exhibitions around the world.


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"It’s difficult to express the importance of painting in my life, because it affects everything I see, feel and do - I can’t escape it, and I have no desire to," Jansz previously told to the The Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

"Before 1995, when life forever more changed in a split second, I don’t think that I really saw the world around me. I had no time to appreciate the changes in nature - the nuances of light even on a dull day, the reflections in puddles after the rain, the recognisable shapes of distant figures walking towards me.

"Now I revel in these simple pleasurable sights but at the same time try to keep them in my memory until I can use them in my painting."

Jansz's work is currently being displayed as part of touring exhibition Art for Everyone: Creativity Despite Disability.

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