‘The Apprentice': Former Star Katie Hopkins Hits Out At Karren Brady - But Spells Her Name Wrong

Katie Hopkins decided to live tweet the first episode of ‘The Apprentice’ on Tuesday night, sharing her typically outlandish comments with her Twitter followers.

However, during one attack on Karren Brady, Katie made one of the most basic errors possible - spelling the business woman’s name wrong.

Come on, Katie - aren’t you supposed to be the only person who’s ever turned down Lord Sugar? Surely, you can do a quick spell check before hitting send?

While Katie’s attack on Karren was a little unnecessary, this year’s contestants - who dished out the usual, golden one-liners - don’t exactly seem like millionaires in the making and Alan’s declaration that the boys were “a shambles” was totally fair.

Karren Brady

Meanwhile on the girls team, Sarah left the other contestants stunned by delivering a serious comment about wearing short skirts and make-up to get ahead.

Ahead of the new series, Katie was involved in a spat with Lord Sugar, when he accused her of being fame-hungry.

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