Beach Infested With Sharks Is A Nightmare Come True

It's difficult to think of anything scarier. You're just out fishing on the beach when you start to realise there are fins popping up all along the water's edge and it suddenly becomes clear that a massive swarm of sharks are feeding right next to you.

Well that's precisely what a group of friends witnessed on a North Carolina beach when over 100 sharks discovered a shoal of blue fish hiding in the shallows.

Immediately it descends into chaos as sharks and pelicans start battling it out. As you can see the frenzy reaches such a magnitude that some of the sharks almost end up beaching themselves.

Brian Recker -- who took the video -- states that despite this looking like one of the signs of the apocalypse this isn't as terrifying as you'd think.

"We want it to be clear that Cape Lookout and the surrounding beaches of Eastern North Carolina are extremely safe for swimming. The presence of these sharks and large schools of fish is actually a sign of a very healthy ecosystem."

Err, ok Brian, if you say so.