'The Apprentice' Fired Candidate Robert Goodwin Tells HuffPostUK The One Thing That Annoyed Him The Most

'Professionally, He's Annoying. Personally, He's Worse'

Fired 'Apprentice' candidate Robert Goodwin is philosophical about being fired from the boardroom by Lord Sugar, even before he got as far as the Losers' Cafe.

"You don't go into 'The Apprentice' for a democratic process, and I certainly didn't get it," he says now. "Lord Sugar had obviously made up his mind, and there was no conversation to be had.


Viewers saw Robert unceremoniously dismissed last night by Lord Sugar, who accused him of "bottling it" and not putting his hand up to be project manager, despite the task being about wearable technology, which on paper suited Robert's specialities.

Robert Goodwin was dispensed with by Lord Sugar, even before he got to the Losers' Cafe

"I had no interest in the task," Robert shrugs. "I have no interest in high street fashion. It bores me totally. So I decided I wasn't the best person for this one.

"My strategy was to keep my head down through the early rounds, and put my hand up for something more suitable later on. Obviously that backfired."

Robert saves his harshest words for rival candidate Steven

One of the polarising candidates already in this series is Steven, with whom Robert shared a room in the house, and he confirms Lord Sugar's description of Steven as "an irritant".

"That's putting it mildly," muses Robert now he's out. "Professionally, he's annoying. Personally, he's worse.

"Professionally, he's unmanageable and no team player.

"Personally, he's one of those people... you say, 'Hi Steven, how are you?' and he looks at you, and says, 'Well, I don't know, how are you?'"


At the opposite end of the scale, Robert knows who he's tipping for success: "Solli's got lots of good ideas, and Katie really knows what she's doing."

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