Kelly Brook And David McIntosh Back Together? Former Couple Spotted Enjoying Breakfast Night After LA Dinner Date (PICS)

Back On?! Kelly And David Spotted In LA

David McIntosh has sparked rumours that he’s back together with Kelly Brook, after the two were spotted heading out for breakfast together in Los Angeles on Thursday morning.


The night before, the couple - who announced at the end of last month that they had called off their engagement - were seen going out for dinner, after which it’s thought they both spent the night at Kelly’s home in LA.

We wonder what they talked about once they got back? Presumably it was a game of Scrabble, a cup of chamomile and then straight to sleep in separate single beds the second the credits started rolling on ‘Question Time’.

Kelly keeps her head down at the Standard hotel

While it was suspected they may have just been meeting for a bit of “closure” to mark the end of their engagement - how terribly modern - it seems they didn’t say everything they wanted to, and had to have some breakfast together the morning after to talk things out even further.

Well, let’s face it, David is a chatterbox. She might as well get some scrambled eggs out of it.

The pair were photographed eating breakfast at the swanky Standard hotel in Los Angeles.

What a coincidence - David was there too!

Although Kelly and David appeared to have split amicably when it was announced that they’d decided not to go ahead with their wedding, it didn’t stay that way for long, with the pair quickly becoming embroiled in a bitter war of words online.

Since then, however, Kelly has apologised for her behaviour, admitting that she “misses” her ex-fiancé and speaks to him every day.

Kelly Brook

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