Susan Boyle Reveals Motherhood Desire, 'Britain's Got Talent' Star 'Wants To Adopt A Child' To Give A Youngster 'What She Didn't Have'

'I Want To Give A Child What I Didn't Have'

Susan Boyle has spoken about her desire to become a mother.

The ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ singer, who has released millions of albums all over the world since skyrocketing to global fame during her time on ‘Britain's Got Talent’, has said that she’d like to adopt a child in the future to “give something back”.

The incomparable Ms Boyle

“I want to adopt a child who doesn’t have much, someone who I can really give something to. It’s a way of giving back for me.

“I want to give a youngster what I didn’t have, and now I can do that.”

She goes on to reveal that she’s gone as far as getting in touch with social services to see if they can put the wheels in motion for her to adopt a child.

Susan admits that due to her age and marital status it may be harder for her to adopt than others, but insists: “I know it is all a long process but I’ve never been more keen to do it. The rules can be quite strict but let’s hope.

“People don’t think I’m being serious when I say it, they have a giggle at me. Let’s see.”

Susan is currently on her first American tour, having toured the UK for the first time earlier this year.

Fairly unpractised when it comes to live performing, Susan first did a tour of Scotland which was documented in the one-off TV special ‘There’s Something About Susan’, during the recording of which she was also diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.

She had previously been told that she incurred brain damage due to a lack of oxygen when she was born, though this was later revealed not to be the case, which she admitted was a "relief".


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