20/10/2014 08:57 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Ashya King Enjoys Family Time After Brain Tumour Treatment


Ashya found 2 people today in prague wishing him well, people who he had never meet before, but they knew all about him! #wishinghimwell #prague #strangers #theworldisamazing

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Ashya King has been out and about after his brain tumour treatment - on a family trip to a pizza restaurant.

The five-year-old, who has been receiving proton beam therapy, was pictured holding a favourite toy in a photo shared on Instagram by his older brother Naveed.

Naveed said his little brother was 'recuperating nicely' as he enters the final week of his proton beam therapy in Prague.

And 20-year-old Naveed revealed that Ashya, who has to be fed through a drip, had even managed to eat a small amount on his own while on the trip to the pizza restaurant.

Ashya has already had several rounds of the treatment, with the thirtieth and last of the sessions set to take place on October 24.

Ashya was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the end of July and after several operations was set to have chemotherapy and radiotherapy at Southampton General Hospital.

But his parents were concerned that this would leave him in a semi-vegetative state and fled the hospital with their son in September.

Instead, the pair wanted to have the boy treated with proton beam therapy in Prague.

When the NHS said it wouldn't fund the treatment, they fled to Spain where they planned to sell a house before travelling on to Prague.

But Hampshire Police issued a European Arrest Warrant after discovering the family had left hospital in the UK and the couple were held by police in Malaga in Spain.

Ashya was taken to hospital and the Kings were told none of the family could visit him.

The couple were held in prison for 72 hours before an international outcry led to the order to release them.

Jana Kulhankova, of the Proton Therapy Centre of Prague, said Ashya had been moved into his own private room following his last round of proton beam therapy.

She said: "Ashya left the intensive care unit on Tuesday and has been put in an individual room.

"He has started to put on weight, he is smiling, and he is reacting to the gestures of his parents and those close to him."

Ashya's father, Brett King, said the family are now considering the next step of his treatment which could see them head to Spain.

He said: "Now Ashya has started his proton beam therapy, we need to be thinking about what comes next.

"He still cannot move on his own and he can't talk properly either so we need to think about physiotherapy and occupational therapy for him.

"We have got a doctor who works in Madrid coming to see us soon so he can assess Ashya and his condition. But he will definitely need ongoing treatment in a hospital so we won't be coming home for a while."