20/10/2014 11:59 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Where Should You Be Sipping A Mojito Right Now?

Where you choose to enjoy a tipple says a lot about your personality – are you a rugged outdoorsy type, heroically braving the roof terrace of your favourite bar? Or how about a passionate partygoer who can dance till dawn? The good news is, whatever you're into, there's a perfect spot for you to enjoy a mojito – so grab yourself a glass of Cuba's finest and let us know where you'd most like to party. Scroll down to the end to cast your vote and be in with a chance of winning one of ten Havana Club mojito kits or buy one here.

Tim Bieber
Mojitos being prepared Old Havana, Cuba

Drink Aware

On the beach
The beach has all the components to whip up your thirst for a perfectly blended rum cocktail – salt, sand, blazing hot sunshine, a brisk round of frisby... If a cocktail on the beach is your idea of a dream day out, then it's likely you're easy going, fun loving and not afraid of getting a little messy. Bonus points if you introduce a barbecue into the equation – fire up the coals, char some meat and crack open a bottle of 3 Años to mix up a few mojitos with.

In a nightclub
Having the energy to dance the night away is a party talent that borders on a superpower. If a nightclub is your drinking destination of choice, then you're probably spontaneous, confident and full of boundless energy that's best unleashed by waving your hands in the air like you just don't care. Starting to flag? Refresh yourself with a perfectly crafted mojito.

At a house party
From a small scale gathering to an all-out shindig, a house party is the bash for homebodies who like to celebrate while surrounded by friends (and who don't mind a few morning-after dishes). Loved ones would describe you as outgoing, welcoming and friendly – a true host. Get your friends round and put on some tunes – you can even set up the bar and show off your mojito-mixing skills if you're feeling brave. Just don't forget the ice.

Aboard a yacht
If you're a chic sort who likes the finer things in life (and who isn't prone to seasickness), then a sunny coastal cruise is a prime way to enjoy a refreshing rum cocktail. Sail past sandy beaches and glassy waters as you hobnob with the chic set, possibly while wearing your jumper in a knot over your shoulders. A salty sea breeze and warming summer sun make the perfect accompaniment to a glass of Cuba's finest – the perfect pick for those who are cool, classy and glamorous.

On a roof terrace
If you have no fear of dizzying heights and want to take in a sweeping city vista as you enjoy your drink, then take your glass up a notch or two to a rooftop haunt. If the terrace is your sipping spot of choice, it's likely you're a daredevil who likes to feel the wind on your face, hates being cooped up indoors, and who enjoys deep and meaningful conversations. Take in the stunning city sights and refreshing air as you drink the night away from a chic city vantage point.