Apple Earnings Q3 2014 In 'Very Good' Shocker

Apple earned lots of money in the last three months.

In a statement Tim Cook said the company's £5.2 billion profit was "one for the record books" with the biggest iPhone launch ever and better-than-expected Mac sales to blame.

But exactly how much money did it make?

Well, back-of-an-envelope maths suggests that its profit of $8.47 billion is roughly equivalent to that of a country with a GDP of about $33 billion.

How many countries have a GDP that low, according to the UN?


That's 104 countries whose total production in the last three months was less than Apple. That's most countries including Bahrain, Panama, Jordan and Bolivia.

And the reality could be even more crazy. Apple said it expects revenues of $63 billion in the next three months. If we were to compare that figure (which isn't equivalent to GPD, by the way) it would be comparable to the annual GDP or Israel, Pakistan and Portugal.