The Hoverboard Is Real, But There's A $10,000 Catch

A company has built what it is claiming to be the first real hoverboard since Marty McFly first put the idea in everyone's head.

Hendo's hoverboard really does look and move like the real thing, but there is -- as there always is -- a catch. It uses electromagnets as a propulsion system.

That means that it requires a metal surface upon which to rest so don't expect to just leave your house and start hovering down the road to 'Huey Lewis And The News'.

Despite this Hendo's achievement is still significant as they've successfully miniaturised a technology that is most commonly found on the world's first Maglev trains - huge by comparison.

Originally designed as a way of lifting buildings out of harms way the Hendo Hoverboard is actually by-product of the team's research.

They've now packed their technology into a developer kit and are now offering it up to budding technologists as part of a Kickstarter project.

If you want to get involved then Hendo are offering you your very own hoverboard for $10,000.

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