21/10/2014 13:28 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Teacher Lets Kids Tape Him To The Wall To Celebrate Their Hard Work


Here's a novel way of motivating schoolchildren: offer them the chance to tape their teacher to the classroom wall!

That's what one primary school headteacher in Iowa suggested as an incentive to get pupils to sell tickets for a town festival – and it worked.

Kids at Colorado Elementary School shifted 11,000 tickets – and then went back to cash in head Ryan Castle's promise.

Twenty seven of the top-selling pupils spent a couple of hours gradually securing Mr Castle - donning a fake moustache for Moustache Day - to the wall, before leaving him there from morning until the lunchtime break.

The stunt was inspired by three other cases of school principals being taped up for a good cause.

Jay Woller of La Crescent Elementary School in Minnesota was taped after $21,000 was collected through fundraising.

Last month, Randy Ten Pas of Hull Christian School in Iowa was taped with duct tape totalling 3,300 feet - as a symbolic reward for students' fundraising efforts coming to $3,300.

And at St. Mary Catholic School in Orange, Texas, principal Donna Darby offered a similar ticket-selling challenge to students in September.

What a guy!