8 Movie Soundtracks For The Open Road

Music is an essential part of the driving experience, so could movie soundtracks be the perfect accompaniment to the open road? They certainly have a knack for capturing the mood...

In September 2014, the BBC revealed that John Williams' Star Wars theme was the nation's favourite movie soundtrack, with The Good, The Bad and The Ugly at number two and West Side Story coming in Third.

Three dramatic choices there. But what goes best with a long holiday drive through the countryside and what's going to bring some excitement to a particularly dull stretch of motorway?

Phil Edwards, Editor in Chief of film site Live For Films, told Huff Post UK Lifestyle that a great film soundtrack has the potential to "transform miles of road or a banal airport lounge into something almost magical.

"A good soundtrack can make a film. A great soundtrack does that too, but also makes you want to listen to it again and again. They can even make the jump to become soundtracks to our own lives".

Film expert and creator of the blog What Movie This Week, The Sloth, adds that the key ingredients to choosing a soundtrack for the road are "head-nodding potential, play acting potential and, of course, sing-along potential, which is something we can all indulge in once those windows are firmly wound up."

You may have a few favourite soundtracks in mind already, but for those in need of some inspiration, Phil and The Sloth have shared their top driving soundtracks for all terrains (and all vocal styles).

Reservoir Dogs

8 Movie Soundtracks For The Open Road