Taylor Swift 'Track 3' Is Eight Seconds Of White Noise... And Number One

The number one iTunes download in Canada is comprised entirely of eight seconds of white noise.

And if the artist wasn't Taylor Swift, we'd say this was a remarkable post-modern expression of Nihilistic angst.

Unfortunately it is Taylor Swift, so we're pretty sure this is a mistake.

Either way, the song - 'Track 3' was apparently accidentally uploaded to the service on Tuesday, but has since become a massive hit, reaching the number one slot overnight at $1.29 Canadian a download.

The song has since been removed from the site but its popularity is undeniable:

The song was listed as appearing on Swift's upcoming '1989' album, but presumably won't actually appear on the record. It was downloaded en masse at first by Swift's fans, and then apparently as some kind of bizarre cultural artefact.

Meanwhile Slipknot are moving up the charts in the UK with their new album 'The Gray Chapter', which sounds like white noise on purpose.

Taylor Swift. Slipknot. Kindred spirits.