Two-Year-Old Double Amputee Takes His First Steps (Video)

Two-Year-Old Double Amputee Takes His First Steps (Video)

An inspiring video showing a two-year-old learning to walk on prosthetic legs, motivating himself by shouting "I've got it!", has gone viral, with over 150,000 shares on Facebook.

Kayden Kinckle has been through more in his two years than most grown-ups have in their lives. While still in the womb, he was diagnosed with a birth defect so serious that his mother was advised to terminate the pregnancy.

The condition, called omphalocele, means that some internal organs remain on the outside of the body during development. Kayden was born with both of his legs seriously deformed due to an amniotic band which had wrapped around them in utero.

Since he was born, he has undergone a series of operations to correct the problems caused by the condition. Finally, in January, doctors amputated his left leg and right foot.

Kayden has not let becoming a double amputee dampen his lively spirit though, as this video shows. His mother was on hand to capture the amazing moment when Kayden took his first ever steps on his prosthetic limbs.

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"I've got it, I've got it!" the little boy squeals over and over. His mantra clearly works a treat, as he manages one unsteady step after another on his walker.

Kayden's mother uploaded the moving footage to Facebook, and it was shared nearly 50,000 times. The video received a further boost when star NFL player Michael Vick posted it to his page, where it quickly racked up over 100,000 shares from the player's 2.5 million Facebook fans.

Supporters are raising money to help pay for Kayden's physical therapy and medical expenses - you can find out more here.

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