This Bracelet Turns Your Wrist Into A Smartphone Screen

Cicret is a company that's currently working on making the world's most secure app, it'll contain everything from email to messaging and all be entirely locked down within their own security.

While they're happy to publish this software via iOS and Android the company has far far bigger plans in mind and one of them involves using your body.

The company recently put up a project on Indiegogo called the 'Smart Bracelet'. It was a large(ish) bracelet that contained a pico projector.

The projector would then display your smartphone's display onto your arm, turning your body into a living smartphone display.

With a built-in accelerometer and proximity sensor it would know exactly where you were touching on the display and would also recognise gestures turning your arm into a 'Minority Report' style controller.

It was -- as you can imagine -- met with some skepticism. Despite that the company has realised that there may still be a place for the world's first 'living' smartphone display and so has pulled the project entirely.

Now that may sound like a step backwards but what it actually means is that they're now taking it seriously. Rather than looking for outside investment the company is now willing to spend its own money on developing the bracelet and bringing it to market.

When can you expect to see it? Well for a company that specialises in privacy it'll come as no surprise that they're remaining very tight-lipped about the whole thing so for now it's more about sitting tight and waiting for the future to turn up.