Tinchy Stryder Unveils Chuckle Brothers Collaboration 'To Me, To You' Music Video (VIDEO)


Two heavyweights from the world of entertainment have collaborated on what promises to be 2014’s most important track. In other words, the Chuckle Brothers have recorded a song with Tinchy Stryder.

When we think of the Chuckle Brothers we think more of perfectly groomed moustaches than grime and R&B, but they clearly wanted to try something a bit different on their new song, titled… wait for it… ‘To Me, To You’.

Of course it is.

Then, as if the track alone isn't enough, there's the video, in which the kids’ TV icons and national treasures getting up to all kinds of mischief with Tinchy.

It is, quite honestly, three minutes and 56 seconds of perfection, for those longing for a bit of 90s nostalgia, anyone who enjoys a “sick beat”, and those of you who appreciate a patterned waistcoat on a man.

Tinchy has defended his decision to collaborate with Paul and Barry on ‘To Me, To You’, writing on his Twitter page that the song was “a bit of fun”, and not for “sad” people “with no sense of humour”.

Profits raised from ‘To Me, To You’, which is available to buy on iTunes now, go towards ACLT, a charity which helps those suffering from leukemia.

The Chuckle Brothers previously revealed that they’d taken time out from snapping selfies outside of courtrooms and enjoying luxury shopping sprees to “lay down” a “track” with Tinchy earlier this year.

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