Facebook Launches Anonymous Chat Room App 'Rooms'

Facebook's New App Is An Anonymous Chat Room

Facebook has launched a new app called 'Rooms' which allows you to create anonymous chat rooms and talk about any subject you want.

The rooms are invite-only and completely anonymous, the creator of a room can then customise how it looks and even choose a 'like' icon.

Invites are then sent using QR codes which can be shared over message or posted via social media, the recipient then takes a screenshot of the code and the 'Rooms' app will then automatically add that room to your list.

There's no restriction on what you can talk about and as yet Facebook hasn't given any indication on how it would police the chat rooms.

This is one of the first apps to appear from the Facebook Creative Labs team which have been working to build new apps and experiences for the company.

Other apps the team have been working on include 'Mentions', an app for celebrities and Slingshot an app that looked to take on Snapchat.

'Rooms' is available to download now for free on iOS.


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