Global Incident Map Shows Crises As They Happen

Ever wanted to feel like Tony Stark monitoring the world for stuff to go and defeat in your robot suit. Now you can.

The 'Outbreak' Global Incident Map is a live map that shows deaths, outbreaks and reported cases which could suggest the outbreak of a deadly disease. (Hence the name)

Its created by the same team that launched the Global Incident Map, which uses a simikar Maps Quest overlay to show you where terrorist attacks might be in progress.... If for some reason your morbid fascination extends beyond just chemical and biological crise.

It doesn't stop there either, the map will also show you reported drug trafficking activity, earthquakes and forest fires, to name just a few.

The Global Incident Map isn't actually the first high-tech form of incident alert system in place, Samsung in fact uses a widget on its Samsung Galaxy smartphones which will alert the user if they're in the vicinity of a natural disaster or civil unrest.