Halloween Face Painting Tutorial: Pumpkin

Looking for face painting inspiration for Halloween, a child's birthday party or a school fete? How about turning your child into a pumpkin?!

This design is also great for fairy tale themed fancy dress parties - Cinderella would never have made it to the ball without a pumpkin!

Top tip: Put your non-painting hand on the child's head. It really helps the child to sit still while you work, and it allows you to balance yourself so you have a steady hand.

Step one

Using a damp sponge and orange paint, apply a base coat over the whole face, leaving a clear area in the top left corner of the forehead.

Step two

With dark green paint and a brush, draw on the stem of the pumpkin in the clear area on the child's forehead. Add wiggly lines to give the pumpkin leaves.

Step three

Clean the brush, then using black paint outline the pumpkin and draw lines down the face to make the creases on the pumpkins skin. Start at the forehead and draw down towards the chin, avoiding the area around the child's eyes.

You can find cute pumpkin costumes to go with this face paint design in our guides to Halloween costumes for kids and for babies.

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