'X Factor': Katie Hopkins 'Branded 'Horse Face' By Stereo Kicks Mums' After 'STI Clinic' Joke On 'Xtra Factor'

Katie Hopkins Finally Meets Her Match In Angry Mum

Undisputed winner of Ms. Rent-A-Gob 2014, Katie Hopkins can usually handle herself in tough situations, so we were surprised to hear that she may have finally met her match this weekend, in one of ‘X Factor’ boyband Stereo Kicks’ mums.

Katie had been dishing out her much-needed opinions on this week’s ‘X Factor’ performances on ‘The Xtra Factor’, when octoband Stereo Kicks became the victims of her acerbic tongue.

She described the boys as looking like they were “waiting for a bus”, adding: “They look like teenage boys waiting at an STI clinic to find out some really bad news. ‘Oh my God, what have I caught, who have I slept with, what have I caught?’.”

Katie Hopkins

And while Stereo Kicks’s ever-growing fanbase were, needless to say, pretty narked by Katie’s comments about the group, it appears their mums were even more unimpressed, and took it up with her in the studio.

According to The Sun, one band member’s mum began “hurling abuse” at Katie off air, with a source explaining: “One of the mums was right up in her face, saying that she looked like a horse and was despicable."

Eventually, after being “rattled” by the shock reaction, she was even “sneaked out” the back exit by the show’s security, with the insider adding: “She is tough, but even Katie was rattled by their reaction.

“She said afterwards that it was far more intense than most of the backlashes she has faced in the past - yet Katie also admitted that it was probably fair enough.”

Despite Katie’s putdowns, Stereo Kicks sailed through to the next round of live shows on Sunday night, having landed themselves in the sing-off against Chloe Jasmine last week.


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