Katie Price Wants A Damehood, Former Glamour Model Says She Never Gets Recognition For Her Good Deeds

Katie Price has revealed that she’s been inspired by Angelina Jolie, and is now eyeing a Damehood.


Yes, you read that correctly, the former glamour model reckons now that now she’s crossed entrepreneur, reality TV star and author (well, kind of) off her bucket list, she now quite fancies herself as a Dame.

Katie Price

However, she’s also admitted that her colourful past might be what’s holding her back from getting the chance to curtsy before Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace, adding: “I have come to the conclusion that whatever I do that is good it is never recognised.

“My personal life and pictures of my breasts tend to distract from that.”

Angelina Jolie was given an Honorary Damehood by the Queen earlier this year for her humanitarian efforts, which includes over a decade working as an ambassador with the UN’s High Commissioner for Refugees, and her contribution to the End Sexual Violence In Conflict summit.

Still, all might not be lost for Katie, with Angelina’s past personal life not stopping her from getting a one-on-one with the Queen - even last week, her ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton dished the dirt on their “crazy” marriage, which included wearing lockets filled with each others’ blood around their necks.

This isn’t the first time Katie has expressed an interest in all things royal. Before announcing that her new baby was named Bunny, she says she was hoping to name her Duchess Kate, before her husband, Kieran Hayler, put his foot down.

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