These Robots Can Move Boxes Using Static Electricity

This is a robot with a difference. Rather than simply using large claws, or power-hungry suction pads, Grabit's robot can pick up objects using nothing but the power of static.

Grabit is able to pick up objects as large as iPads using nothing but powered electrodes. By using an alternating polarity the objects can then be moved around without collecting all the dust in the room at the same time.

Using static electricity is an enticing alternative to robotics companies as it's cheaper and less power-hungry than the current options.

It's also much more flexible. Grabit were able to show both a flat panel and also a 'tentacle' style claw which would grip around almost any object, negating the need to have claws built for specific tasks.

It is -- of course -- in the very early stages so the company is still developing its prototypes into a finalised 'showroom' product that they can then mass-produce.

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