What Happens When You Leave A Dad And Son In The Kitchen (Video)

A trombone-playing dad has a gifted accompanist in his 10-year-old son, who gets creative with an oven door in this viral video.

Australian Russ Bauer and his son Toby donned matching Blues Brothers-style sunglasses to shoot the clip, which was filmed by Russ' daughter and Toby's sister, Jess.

Russ teaches performance music at the Sheldon College school in Queensland, and has clearly passed on his musical talents to his son, who puts his heart and soul into his big moment.

As his dad puts an original brassy spin on Freaks, by Sydney house DJ Timmy Trumpet, Toby patiently waits for his cue, before enthusiastically slamming the oven door in perfect time over the tune.

It's a simple concept, sure, and it lasts a grand total of 15 seconds - and yet there is something strangely satisfying in the bizarre clip. We bet you'll watch it twice!

Timmy Trumpet was clearly amused by the unconventional cover of his track, sharing the video to his Facebook page, where it has already had over 100,000 likes and nearly 40,000 shares.

Commenters on the clip seemed divided into two camps, with some gushing with praise for the unlikely musical duo, while more pragmatic viewers were more concerned about the state of the oven after being used as a makeshift drum.

Luckily, mum of the house Janine showed up in the comments to reassure fans that 'unbelievably', the over door was still in perfect working order.

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