Yorkshire Company Selling 'Zombie Proof' House For £69k

This House Will Protect Against A Zombie Invasion

This is the Zombie Fortification Cabin, it's a zombie-proof house that is being offered by Leeds-based building firm Tiger Log Cabins.

This is no half-hearted attempt either, at £69,995 this is a fortress agains the undead with an interior garden, escape hatch and full instructions on how to protect yourself during the inevitable zombie invasion.

For an extra £20k the company will come and install it while also throwing in riot gear, CCTV and solar panels to make sure you're fortress of solitude is actually sustainable.

There's weapons lockers in the main building and expansive sleeping facilities so you can even have a select few come and ride out the storm because as we all know, an apocalyptic event is always better shared with friends.

Speaking to MailOnline, Jack Sutcliffe marketing director for Tiger Log Cabins explains how the idea went from a tea-break conversation about how the team would survive a zombie invasion.

"The conversation went from there and one of the team jokingly suggested that we would all be OK because we could just build ourselves a special log cabin and all hide in there. From there the idea was born and we thought "well, why not"."

While there haven't as yet been any orders the company has confirmed that there has been significant interest from various people over in America.

Managing Director Ross Moran confirmed to the news site that a few people were taking the idea 'a bit literally', but said that if the interest was genuine then they'd happily build it.

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