28/10/2014 08:37 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Is Robbie Williams' Wife In Labour?

Twitter/Robbie Williams


Robbie and Ayda's baby is born! Watch their very cute video announcement.

Robbie Williams has teased fans with a photo of wife Ayda Field's high heeled feet in hospital stirrups along with the caption:

"When Ayda goes into labour she comes correct ;) RW x"

Ayda's jewel encrusted stilettos have led people to question whether the snap is just a well-timed joke from the cheeky popstar and his wife.

However, Ayda's due date was expected to be in October, so perhaps she had slipped the shoes into her hospital bag alongside her towel, snacks and toothbrush?

Robbie and Ayda already have a two-year-old daughter Theodora Rose (known affectionately as Teddy).

They found out the gender of their second child at their 20 week scan, and a source close to the couple let slip that Robbie was delighted to discover that they were having a boy - as he was keen for Teddy to have a little brother.

Another factor which leads us to believe that Robbie's Twitter picture may be the real deal is the fact that he certainly isn't averse to sharing personal news with his fans on Twitter. He announced Ayda's pregnancy with a tweet back in April which read:

"Ayda and I are delighted to announce that Theodora Rose Williams is going to be a big sister. RW xxx"

It looks like Robbie and Ayda may still have a while to wait before their second baby makes an appearance, as Robbie followed up the stiletto snap with a video of Ayda dancing around the hospital room.

Ayda appears to be in fine spirits holding her bump and joking about how her impromptu performance is getting her hubby a little hot under the collar!

Robbie has continued to live tweet Ayda's labour - with intimate videos.

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