28/10/2014 16:05 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Katy Perry: Hair Evolution

If there's one thing Katy Perry likes to experiment with, it's her hair.

We've lost count of the times the popstar has changed her hair colour since she first shot to fame in 2008. She's partial to trying other outlandish beauty trends too. (Remember when she bleached her eyebrows?)


No stranger to vibrant hair colours, Katy has showed off purple, blue, blonde, pink and more recently, lime green locks over the years. As the singer said herself in an interview with E! Magazine, "I hope my hair doesn't fall out." So do we Katy, so do we.

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As well as switching up the colour, Katy also likes to play with length. From cropped bobs to long flowing waves and a blunt fringe, the queen of pop has done them all.

Of all the styles Katy has had, we still think she looks best when she wears her glossy, jet black hair in soft waves.

Flick through Katy's incredible hair transformation below. It's a good'un.