Sony PS4 Update 2.0 With Share Play Now Available

The PS4 Is About To Get A Really Cool New Feature

Sony's PS4 Update 2.0 is now live and available to download bringing with it one of the largest updates for PS4 since it was first launched.

Described by Sony as a 'virtual couch', Share Play will let gamers team up in co-op, even if only one person actually owns the game. Or, if you're stuck on a particular level you can then give control of your game to a friend and let them tackle it instead.

The feature is just one of a number that make this Sony's biggest overhaul of the PS4 software since launch with new features including the ability to play music through USB music player.

You'll also now be able to upload videos direct to YouTube and create your own custom themes for the system including colours and custom backgrounds.


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