‘TOWIE' Pictures: Are Jess And Ricky Splitting Up? Couple Fight Over Secret Twitter Messages (PICS)

Sunday's ‘TOWIE’ focussed on the demise of Chloe and Elliot's relationship, and now, it’s time to turn our attention to Jess and Ricky.

The couple have been (reasonably) happy for quite some time now, but in tonight’s episode (Wednesday 29 October), Jess is left stunned when she finds out he’s been messaging another girl on Twitter.

Jess doesn't hold back

It’s not just Jess and Ricky who are left in tears though, as Fran and Diags are also rocked by a shocking revelation.

A stunned Fran discovers naked snaps of a girl Diags once dated, and there are tears all-round when Fran confronts her boyfriend.

Fran’s pals Lydia and Georgia are understandably shocked by the discovery as Fran deliberates whether she can stand by her boyfriend.

Oh, Diags...

Thankfully, you can always count on GC to brighten things up a bit, and this week, she’s off to try out some 3D liposuction.

Things are also getting better for Lauren and Chloe, who have decided to do try and be friends again.

Take a sneak peek at all the scenes in tonight’s ‘TOWIE’ here...

The Only Way Is Tears, Tears And More Tears...