29/10/2014 12:31 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

3 Food Hacks For A Healthy, Cheap Lunch

Finding a delicious, nutritious lunchtime meal that doesn't break the bank sometimes feels impossible. Although it's tempting to surrender to cheap, unhealthy alternatives - or worse, skip a meal entirely - staying healthy, satisfied and sustained throughout the day is easier than you think.


We asked Sadie Macleod, founder of lifestyle site Hip & Healthy, for her advice on making a healthy, cheap lunch. Here are her top tips:

1. Prepare the night before
You know what they say: 'a Sunday well spent, brings a week of content...' With this in mind, try cooking a large batch of quinoa on a Sunday evening. Once prepared and stored in an air-tight container, it keeps for seven days in the fridge – ideal for lunch every day of the week. I suggest making a variety of quinoa salads by adding your own tasty additions such as nuts, seeds, cucumber, beetroot. For inspiration, check out this quinoa and hazlenut salad by Deliciously Ella for a wholesome, energy-boosting (and above all, cheap!) lunch.
2. Invest in BPA-free tupperware box
Without this brilliant box, your only option at lunchtime is to dish out the dosh or miss a meal altogether. So, save that bank balance by investing in a super-practical, super-economical container that will not contaminate your food with chemicals often found on polycarbonate plastics. Why not make our five-minute lunch recipe: avocado hummus tartine by Naturally Sassy? Simple to make, simple to store, no mess, no fuss just pure, healthy deliciousness.


3. Strategic snack bars
For many of us, being able to take a whole hour out of the working day for lunch is an optimistic endeavour. When there seems to be not enough hours in the day, grab one (or three!) of our Baobab Bars. Infused with the superfood baobab powder, they provide protein, essential fats, slow release carbohydrates and a staggering amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to keep you satisfied throughout the working day, strengthen your immune system and promote overall health and wellbeing. And if you've got a sweet tooth? Check out these Banola Bars - the perfect grab-and-go breakfast or snack. These banana, almond butter, granola creations contain absolutely no refined sugar whilst boasting a host of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals with the addition of goji berries, chia seeds and pumpkin seeds.

Prone to suffering from the mid-afternoon slump? Try snacking on these...