Signs That Your Migraine Could Be Something Far Worse

Signs That Your Migraine Could Be Something Worse

After experiencing a bout of headaches and sickness, 43-year-old Tracey figured she was prone to migraines. It ran in the family, the symptoms added up and so 'migraine' seemed like the obvious answer. But the reality was far worse.

Experiencing pounding headaches, blurred vision and sickness, the mum of two's health deteriorated to the point where she collapsed during a teaching session.

After being rushed to hospital and tested, Tracey's diagnosis was heartbreaking - there was a large tumour on the left sign of her brain.

Since then Tracey, who is a lifestyle and fitness entrepreneur, has undergone surgery in LA to remove the tumour completely - it was caught at a stage where she could receive treatment and life can now go on as normal.

Some people aren't as lucky though. In 2012, around 5,200 people died from a brain or intracranial tumour in the UK according to Cancer Research UK. That’s 14 fatalities every day.

Medical experts at the NHS note that there are various signs which could alert you to a brain tumour. These include:

:: Epilepsy or fits, which can be either major seizures or twitching in one area of the body

:: Severe, persistent headache

:: Irritability, drowsiness, apathy or forgetfulness

:: Vomiting, which is sometimes sudden and for no apparent reason

:: Dizziness

:: Partial loss of vision or hearing

:: Hallucinations

:: Personality changes, including abnormal and uncharacteristic behaviour

If you experience any of these, it is extremely important that you speak to your GP. Brain tumours can affect anyone, both men and women suffer from them, as do young people and the elderly - nobody is immune.

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